The Barham Family

The Barham name is well known in the Anglican Church in East Africa through the work of Bishop Lawrence and his son Bishop Ken. The family connection goes back to 1899 when Bishop Ken's grandfather, Canon Leakey, arrived in Kabete, Kenya and spent many years translating the Bible into the Kikuyu language.

Here are some highlights of how the Barhams have influenced the development of the Anglican Church in East Africa.
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Lawrence & Julia

  • In 1928 Lawrence was sent by the Ruanda Mission to Uganda as a missionary
  • Married in 1931, Lawrence & Julia worked in Kabale, Uganda where Lawrence built a Bible College - today it is the Bishop Barham University College
  • They were amongst the foremost leaders in the spiritual awakening - 'The Rwanda Revival'
  • Their five children were all born and raised in Uganda and Burundi
  • In 1938 they moved to Ibuye, Urundi where they built a church, school & a college
  • Lawrence returned to Uganda, in 1957, as Archdeacon of Ankole-Kigezi
  • In 1958 Lawrence became General Secretary of the Ruanda Mission
  • Lawrence was consecrated as Bishop of Rwanda & Burundi in 1964
  • In 1966 Lawrence & Julia returned to the UK and remained active in retirement.
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  • Born in 1936 in Kabale in the house of Dr Joe Church
  • Educated at Kabale Prep School and at schools in Eldoret and Nairobi
  • Worked on the Namutamba Tea Estate & Dairy Farm in Uganda
  • Ken is ordained after returning to the UK
  • Met and married Jill in 1964 during his first curacy
  • Appointed as a travelling secretary for the Rwanda Mission in 1979
  • In 1983 was appointed as a Canon of Butare Cathedral in Rwanda
  • Became the new Vicar of Ashburnham and Penhurst parishes in 1984
  • Continued his work in Rwanda visiting for a month twice a year
  • In 1985 established The Lawrence Barham Memorial Trust in memory of his father
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Ken (cont'd)

  • Consecrated as a Bishop of the Anglican Church in 1993
  • Assisted Bishop Daniel to develop the Diocese of Cyangugu
  • In 1994, in the final weeks of the genocide, denied access to return to Rwanda
  • Returned to Cyangugu in September 1994 to rebuild his house and started building a cathedral church for the brand new Diocese
  • Elected as Bishop of Cyangugu in 1996
  • In 1998 the then Vice President, Paul Kagame officially opened a farm, a secondary school and phase one of Peace Guest House
  • Asked in 1999 to build a dispensary and a nursery school
  • Retired in 2001 but was appointed as Bishop Emeritus of Cyangugu
  • Awarded the OBE in 2001 for recognition of his work in East Africa
  • Continues to visit Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and still actively raises funds for projects.