"This building programme of church, school and hospital took place in all the centres established by the Ruanda Mission. The aim was to begin to meet the needs of the local people for the Christian faith, education and medical provision. The church that Ken's parents built was large enough to be the cathedral and they went on to build a theological seminary with about a dozen small houses for the married students and families. This is now called the Bishop Barham Theological College."

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About Burundi

In the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa, Burundi is bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the lowest per capita GDPs and a low domestic product caused largely by civil wars, corruption, poor access to education and the effects of HIV/AIDS. Cobalt and copper are among Burundi's resources and some of its main exports are coffee and sugar.

Burundi is still Francophone, but English will be used more and more on account of trading and many other East African Community joint activities with the three Anglophone countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, like easier border crossing, legal, military and financial co-operation.

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