Project News

Since 1985, LBMT has raised over £3 million to support projects in East Africa. In recent years, much of its work has focused on Cyangugu Diocese, one of the poorest and neglected areas of Rwanda helping them to rebuild their lives since the 1994 genocide. Projects aim to encourage community co-operation and be self-sustaining for the future.

The Trust has also supported projects in other areas of Rwanda including Huye (Butare) where it funded the building of Shalom Guest House, an income-generating project for the Diocese and also in Kigali where it has donated funds to the Kigali Anglican Theological College (KATC).

Across the border in neighbouring Burundi, LBMT has helped restore the Diocesan cathedral, built by Lawrence Barham in 1940 and also the college, now called the Bishop Barham Theological College.

In Kabale, Uganda LBMT has supported the development of the Bishop Barham University College where they helped to build the Principal's house, a multi-purpose block, a women's hostel, purchased a large server for the hundred computers in the university library and helped pay for the purchase of five former missionary houses for teaching staff. In Kisoro, LBMT has built two dispensaries, a church for pygmies, a vocational school and a small guesthouse.                                                  Read about our projects >

Current and recent projects include:

St Matthew's College, Diocese of Cyangugu, Rwanda

Senior classrooms were completed in 2013 through funds contributed by LBMT. It has also helped to buy land around the school, as plots become available, as there are plans to increase the capacity of the college with more classrooms, dormitories and additional science laboratories.

Mont Cyangugu Health Centre, Diocese of Cyangugu, Rwanda

In September 2014, the Diocese of Cyangugu and the Government of Rwanda signed an agreement to work in partnership and the clinic is now Mont Cyangugu Health Centre. As part of the agreement, a maternity wing has to be constructed and LBMT are raising funds to support this.

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Peace Guest House, Diocese of Cyangugu, Rwanda

An important income generating project for the Diocese and enjoying stunning views over Lake Kivu, LBMT are now raising and providing funds for the completion of a 37 bedroom annexe next to the existing guesthouse. This will help to provide sustainable local employment, encourage tourists to the area, and provide accommodation for business, government and NGO visitors as well as church and mission teams. The Diocese is currently refurbishing the existing guesthouse.

Kigali Anglican Theological College (KATC), Kigali, Rwanda

LBMT has supported building of an accommodation block at the KATC as students were sleeping on bunks in the classrooms. There are plans for it to develop into a university style campus

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Ngozi Guest House, Diocese of Buye, Burundi

On an important strategic road in the developing town of Ngozi, the Ngozi Guest House is a new imcome generating project being built on land behind the Diocesan offices to raise funds to cover salaries, administration costs and training for pastors. LBMT has supported its construction.


Bishop Barham University College, Kabale, Uganda

LBMT has recently contributed funds for the construction of the Merab Hall Women's Hostel and in 2013 received a grant of £10,000 from the Jerusalem Trust to support the building work.There is ongoing fee support for students.

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Diocesan Guesthouse and Health Centre, Kisoro, Uganda

Funds have been donated to support the building of a Diocesan guesthouse and also to improve the conditions of the Rutaka Health Centre, one of the only medical centres for more than 50 miles, near the Rwandan border, providing much needed medical care for many people.